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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heavy Cruising

After traveling exactly 3082 Nautical Miles (=3586 Statute Miles = 5707 Kilometers) in 12 days on the Sapphire Princess from Aukland to Sydney I am back in Canada having hopefully put on no more than a couple of lbs and aquired a substatial tan.

As predicted, food was abundant and rich - clearly "regular eating" and "grazing" are both doomed as weight-control strategies aboard cruise ships.

For anyone interested, here is my emperical formula for weight gain on cruise ships: ~ 0.5 to 1.5 g / Nautical Mile.

The fact that I had to deliver over 15 hrs of CME on obesity did not appear to help (facit: giving obesity lectures on cruise ships is not a viable strategy to prevent cruise-related weight gain).

Daily participation in early morning exercise classes also do not appear to have dropped weight gain to zero.

In any case, I am back, had a great time - thanks to the folks at CME@Sea (Sanjay, Gwen & Catherine), to the fellow physicians and their partners, my fellow faculty (Michael Gard, Carmelle Paisah, Peter Everett and Greg Hilderman) and of course to the entire crew of the Sapphire Princess for making this a great trip.


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